Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

3000 GPD Water Treatment Plant (WIP)

The process of water treatment system for Drinking Water Treatment Plant is decided by raw water quality and purpose water to be used. Basically, there are three different stages for Water Treatment, which are Pre-treatment, Deep Treatment, and Terminal treatment.

Pre-treatment Process of Raw Water: Multi-media Bed, Carbon Bed, Softener. There are 3/4/5 Beds or Vessels may be used according to Raw Water Quality. We have to use the chemicals into the Vessels to remove Iron, Leads, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Silicon, Sand, Turbidity etc. as per your water quality.

Deep treatment with Membrane: Applying membrane or ion exchanging to do treatment. After pre-treatment process, we have to use the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Unit to remove the manganese, arsenic, bacteria and virus. Than water will be ready to drink for human body.

Terminal treatment: Firstly, every water treatment plant factory reserve the purified water into a Tank. On the other hand, there are Arabic Bacteria may affected into the water reserve tank for bulk products. For this reason every water Treatment should have the ozone, UV, polisher, EDI or CDI etc. system.

Terms & Conditions: There are several kinds of works place, position and water quality in our country. So, we should visit or completely described or written documents before the placed of Work Order.

Requirements for Water Treatment Plant Setup: 1. Raw Water source of Tube well with Sub submersible Pump. 2. Raw Water Reserve Tank as per your quantity. 3. Building or Shed to secure the plant. 4. Electrical Lines setup a) single phase electricity for upto 3000GPD WTP and b) Three Phase electricity for more capacity

Equipment for Business purpose: Jar Washing Machines with Chemicals, Jar, Dispenser and others as per your required volume.

Approval for Business Purpose: Approval need from BSTI. Water Quality Test Reports must be needed for Approval too.

Cost for the WTP Setup: Total cost for the WTP depends on Water Quality, Production Capacity, Machine Quality and others. Please call for details.

Contact: 139/1/B, BGB Market, (Section Dhal), Hazaribagh Dhaka-1205. Cell: 01728-490659, 01818-287324.

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