Water Treatment Plant (WTP)


Water Treatment Plant (WTP): For Drinking Water.

Production Capacity: 3000 GPD or Gallons per day. 400L+ Per Hour.

Applicable for Commercial use, Garments, Industries, Government Office, NGO Office, School, College, Madrasa, etc. where need the 100% pure drinking water.

Features: 1665 Vessels: 3+ Pcs, Membrane Housing: 2 Pcs. Jumboo Housing 20″: 1 Pc., Blue/Clear Housing 20″: 3+Pcs, Electrical and Electronics equipment as per needed, UV Housing: 1 Pc, SS RO Control Panel Stand, SS purifier Water Tank 500L: 1 Pc. Feed Pump- 1.5 HP: 1Pc., Vertical Pump-2.3KW, Single Phase: 1Pc., Modina/Gazi Tank-100L: 1 Pc, Pipe and Fittings with fixtures as per design and layout.

Chemicals and Cartridge or Filtration Equipment: Sands, Stones, Gravels, Green Sands, Iron Remove Chemicals, Softener, Activated Carbon, Jumboo Sediment Cartridge 20″, Sediment Cartridge 20″, UDF/CTO Cartridge 20″, 0.2 Micron Cartridge 20″, UV Lamp 55WT, 36″, others as per treatment requirement.

Requirement for the Machine Setup:   Tube-wel with submersible pump, Raw Water Tank as per needed or capacity, separate electrical line for plant.

Terms and Conditions: We shall not responsible for electrical or water pipe line of client’s area. So, our technicians only setup the machine with the electrical board switch and basin tap.

Warranty and Guarantee: 2 Years Guarantee for original products and 1 year warranty for other products. Or as per discussion and contact.


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