Water Purifier: Reverse Osmosis (RO) System



Model: LSRO-1250

Brand:Lan Shan
Origin: Taiwan
Membrane: USA/Taiwan
Capacity: 50/75 GPD
Filtration Stage: Six

Disposables or Cartridge Details: Sediment Cartridge: 10” X 1 Pc., UDF or Box Cartridge: 10” X 1 , Pc., CTO or Net Cartridge: 10” X 1 Pc., Membrane: 75GPD X 1 Pc., Test & Odor Reduction: 1 Pc.,

Equipment Details: Solenoid Valve:  1 Pc., High Pressure Valve: 1 Pc., Low Pressure Valve: 1 Pc., Auto Flush: 1 Pc., Booster Pump: 1 Pc., Adopter: 1 Pc., Purified Water Inner Worm Tank., Purifier Water Inner Hot Tank.

Extra units by MIE: 10” Clear Housing. 10” Sediment Cartridge with fittings.

Requirement for the Machine Setup:  Basin Tap water connection and electrical plug as like as juicer or blender connection.

Terms and Conditions: We shall not responsible for electrical or water pipe line of client’s area. So, our technicians only setup the machine with the electrical board switch and basin tap.

Warranty and Guarantee: 2 Years Guarantee for original products.

Dimension: 13 X 40 X40 Cm
Reserve Capacity: 4.0 G Pressure Tank
Technology: Reverse Osmosis
1 Year Warranty Including, 3 Complimentary Service.


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