50 GPD Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

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50 GPD RO Water Purifier

Model # LSRO-101 & Common Model# 1200

LSRO-101BW Specifications

Cartridge or Filter Details: 5 stages:
1st: PXV0510 5micron PP sediment
2nd: CXVUDF10 GAC filter
3rd: PXV0110 1micron PP sediment
4th: TW30-1812-50 50GPD RO membrane
5th: SCXVT33-S GAC inline fitler
With booster pump, transformer

Applicable water: running water or underground water.
Voltage: 110 V AC or 220V
Storage tank : 3.2 gallon
R.O. Water Output : 50/75/100 GPD
Auto power cut-off when filling, extends pump duration.
High efficiency, silence booster pump.
High effective RO membrane with 50 gallons filters heavy metal and bacteria.
Two-phase faucet.

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About Lan Shan

Lan Shan was established in 1993 as a professional manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems in Taiwan. The reverse osmosis products include ro systems, water purifiers, water filters, water dispensers, water fountains, ionizers, water equipment, quick filter systems, bag filter systems, ionized water, hi-flow manual valves, cabinet softeners and shower filters.


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