Water Purifier: Reverse Osmosis (RO)-200GPD

৳ 55,500.00 ৳ 41,000.00


LAN SHAN Water Purifier: 200GPD RO

This Product: Applicable for School, College, Madrasa, NGO Office, Government Office, Commercial Office, Garments, Industries, Mosques, Factories, Largest manpower places, where drinking water will have needed minimum 30Litters per hour.

LAN SHAN 200GPD RO Water Purifier system is the only reverse osmosis system that attaches to your faucet and including several kinds of filtration. The filtration with pre-filter removes chlorine, sediments, leads, iron, copper, zinc, turbidity, arsenic etc. and others 227 kinds of ingredients from and reduced the odor from water too by using the qualitative membrane and by using the post filter add the tastes of purified water too.

Cartridge Details: Sediment Filter, 20”, Granular Activated Carbon Filter, 20”, Activated Block Carbon Filter, 20″, 200 GPD Membrane, Taste and Odor Reduction Cartridge.

Equipment Details: Solenoid Volve, Solenoid Valve:  1 Pc., High Pressure Valve: 1 Pc., Low Pressure , Valve: 1 Pc., Auto Flush: 1 Pc., Booster Pump: 1 Pc., Adopter: 1 Pc., Purified Water Auto Pressure Tank.

Features: 5 Stages RO Water Purifier 11/20Gallons NSF Standards Water Storage Tank. FDA Approved Polypropylene Made Flat Cap Housing. Automatic Shut-off Valve Flow Restrictor, and non return Valve. Feed water connector & deliver valve Drain Saddle Valve. Color Coded 1/4 inch Tubing for System Connection Completely Assembled & Water leaking testing 100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation. Installation Instruction.

This products will provide 100% safe and pure drinking water which will be certified by ICDDRB, BSTI or SAG etc.

LAN SHAN RO Water Purifiers is the most advanced water treatment technology available in the world. And as a best quality product, this machine is very recognized and available technologies for producing high quality drinking water. Which longevity will be 20-30 years.

Requirement for the Machine Setup:  Basin Tap water connection and electrical plug as like as juicer or blender connection.

Terms and Conditions: We shall not responsible for electrical or water pipe line of client’s area. So, our technicians only setup the machine with the electrical board switch and basin tap.

Warranty and Guarantee: 2 Years Guarantee for original products and 1 year warranty for other products.


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