Mam Industrial Engineering  is the no. 1 manufacturer of SS Water Dispenser, Geezer, Tank, Chiller, Heater & Cooler, RO & All kinds of structures, & working for Water Related Products, likes Water Purifiers, Water Treatment Plants & Industries. All the products of us will cover 2-5 years warranty with on call service.

Our Scope of works & Service :

Special Service:

Monthly Servicing of Water Purifiers & Central Plant of Office.            

Water Purifiers Supply for Office (Rent Basis / Contact Basis).  

Mam Industrial Engineering  is always interested to work with several kinds of Government, Non-Government Office (NGO), Privet Company & Privet NGO for pure Water Purifiers, Water Treatment Plant supply & Installation. Sometime we offer free servicing of any kinds of purifiers & plants for welfare trust or mankind purpose.

What is RO System of Water Purifiers?
RO system means Reverse Osmosis System. In water treatment technology RO remove large majority of contaminants from water by pushing water under pressure through a semi portable membrane. The membrane, which is capable to remove the Arsenic, mercury, Leads, Turbidity, Iron, dissolved (ions)- natural salts, particles, colloids, organics, bacteria & pyrogens from feed water. Membrane can rejects contaminants (which are molecular weight has greater than 200) from water as per demand of pure water for drinking. RO is very effective in treating brackish, surface and ground water for both small & large flows applications. There are no way or process of 100% pure water in this world except RO water.

Why use RO system?
RO is the latest system for water purifiers which can treat the water for drinking. RO water is necessary to remains healthy life. RO can treat & contains the all ingredients in water as suitable stage. If boil your water, bacteria & virus may be killed but all the ingredients are not remove even any organic, bacteria & virus. All the ingredients may make several kinds of organics in water again. But RO water never remains like contaminants, organics, bacteria & virus in water. RO purifiers contains food graded pipe fittings and an Auto Pressure Tank which is NSF certified. So RO water is safe for life. For this reason, RO water is bound for drinking in developed country. BSTI, ICCDRB, WHO are recommend to drink of RO water.

We are the manufacturer of (Prince Water Dispenser, Prince SS Tank & Prince Greezer)
All the product’s Garranty for 2 (two years). Service will provide on call basis also.

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